Yes and yes. Both have been tried. Jam turns out great even without too much sugar because the berries are rather sweet. Afinata is better, however, made with the wild forest blueberries.

Bird and cow manure, and minerals for the plants to help them withstand temperature variations and prevent diseases. Only fertilizers approved for organic farming.

Yes, since 2020 we have official organic certification. The whole process took 4 years and it was started in 2017.

Yes and they keep very well, even for months in the freezer. They can be used throughout winter for smoothies, cakes, on pancakes, or mixed in with oats, porridge etc. for breakfast.

Yes, we did wash and dry them before consuming and freezing them, just in case there is a lost spider or insect among them.

Rich in anti-oxidants and vit C., highly recommended for treatment of diabetes etc.

Yes, for orders over 50kgs. This can be negotiated or discussed over email or phone.

Yes we are happy to have visitors and to share the experience of picking the berries with all those interested.

It is in Toderita, com. Mandra, Brasov county, in beautiful Transylvania, Romania. There is a forest and a natural daffodils reserve on one side, grazing lands for the shephards, other blueberry plantations, and the Fagaras mountains, the highest mountain range in Romania.

Blueray, Chandler and Coville.

By courier or direct delivery in nearby cities (Brasov, Sibiu etc.) and Bucharest on weekends.

No, just fruits and blueberry products.

We don’t sell frozen blueberries but we do sell dehydrated blueberries, smoothie powder, blueberry juice and cosmetic products. You can find all of the products on our product page.

Bio Certification

We are now Certified Organic! Against all odds and challenges and temptations we have dug in and stayed put.

Track your delivery

A little something we would ask you to do too while we are busy growing the best blueberries we know!

100% Transparency

If you would like to know anything, anything at all, about our organic farming practices, fruits or any other products or just want to have a friendly chat about anything...write to us.