Can you ship blueberries outside of Romania?

No, unfortunately, the courier won’t ship fruits overseas but they do travel well if you or anyone else can travel with them. They have been transported by car, train and plain to all various parts of Europe, Istanbul etc. and arrived in perfect condition, if packed in tightly sealed boxes.

Can one make jam out of these blueberries? Or brandy (afinata)?

Yes and yes. Both have been tried. Jam turns out great even without too much sugar because the berries are rather sweet. Afinata is better, however, made with the wild forest blueberries.

What do you use on the plants in terms of fertilizers?

Bird and cow manure, and minerals for the plants to help them withstand temperature variations and prevent diseases. Only fertilizers approved for organic farming.

Do you have organic certification?

We are in the process of getting that certification. 2018 will be the 2nd year. The whole process takes roughly 4 years until complete.

Can these blueberries be frozen?

Yes and they keep very well, even for months in the freezer. They can be used throughout winter for smoothies, cakes, on pancakes, or mixed in with oats, porridge etc. for breakfast.

Should they be washed before freezing?

Yes, we did wash and dry them before consuming and freezing them, just in case there is a lost spider or insect among them.

What are these blueberries good for?

Rich in anti-oxidants and vit C., highly recommended for treatment of diabetes etc.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, for orders over 50kgs. This can be negotiated or discussed over email or phone.

Can we come pick our own blueberries?

Yes we are happy to have visitors and to share the experience of picking the berries with all those interested.

Where is your farm and what is around it?

It is in Toderita, com. Mandra, Brasov county, in beautiful Transylvania, Romania. There is a forest and a natural daffodils reserve on one side, grazing lands for the shephards, other blueberry plantations, and the Fagaras mountains, the highest mountain range in Romania.

What kinds of blueberry plants do you have?

Blueray, Chandler and Coville.

How do you ship them?

By courier or direct delivery in nearby cities (Brasov, Sibiu etc.) and Bucharest on weekends.

Do you sell blueberry plants also?

No, just fruits for the time being.

Do you sell frozen or dehydrated blueberries? Any other products?

Not yet, but working on it.