Fresh from nature BLUE BERRIES

We love that you love eating only the good stuff nature offers. That you will give your family nothing but the best.

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100% Organic

We do not use anything but saw dust/Coco-Peat, 100% chicken manure-based fertilizer and 100% organic vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. We are happy to share details with anybody who is keen to know.

Family Healthy

Perhaps the only food source where medical professionals, nutritionists, health Gurus and others agree that Blueberries are good for the entire family. From hair loss prevention to stopping DNA damage, reversing ageing, fighting cancer, boosting immunity, enhancing digestion its the most powerful anti-oxidant! Your kids will love it too.

Always Fresh

We confirm not more than 300 kgs of orders per day. All manually, gingerly, and tenderly picked they are delivered the same evening to our courier partners. We work with them on a recorded promise of delivery within 24-48 anywhere in Romania barring few exceptions. Our strong blue babies travel well and are fresh as you receive them. Sometimes reaching out to the courier service helps too if you can’t wait for your lovelies to arrive:)

Food Safety

Organic produce will always attract bugs and insects. Our blueberries do too. While we love picking them and eating them directly we would recommend a gentle rinse under cold water to get rid of our friendly spiders or the likes. You may not find them all the time. But sometimes the love story is so strong that you will find a few having travelled with the berries:)





Why are we


01 / 05

Bio Certification

We are now Certified Organic! Against all odds and challenges and temptations we have dug in and stayed put. We will continue to be organic for our lifetime because the end of the rainbow is a pot of sweet, organic, supremely healthy blueberries that is devoid of even the most microscopic trace of chemical.

02 / 05

By a family for families

This farm has gotten us together. A successful corporate career kept me in money and in India...away from family. Now I am here in Romania and we have our charming farm to thank for. It’s not our business, it’s the business of our family. And we only allow friends, family and family-like partners to help us run this farm.

03 / 05

Visit us

Keeping our blueberry farm in the middle of it all we are working towards creating a few “we have done it first’ kind of experiences. It could possibly be a Yoga plus blueberry experience or a Saxon village plus a blueberry experience, or a biking tour plus blueberry experience. Please watch this space or write to us at to customize a trip to this beautiful land of plenty! You want to bring yourself and your kids to come pick berries, definitely write to us.

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Track your delivery

A little something we would ask you to do too while we are busy growing the best blueberries we know! Track your order through the AWB received in your email we have sent you or by looking into the website with your account details. We may be unable to take your calls. We are busy farmers!

05 / 05

100% Transparency

It’s in our value system and hence in the company’s! We took a price hike and we told you why and prepared you for the season in case you don’t want to order from us. Likewise, we follow our value system in everything. If there is a slip-up it is definitely not because we were hiding things from you. We will own up and course correct. You are very important to us. And that you trust us even more so.

Where we are

Our magical place

Nestled between a 50 hectare reserved forest and Fagaras mountains we remain very elusive, virgin and protected. Getting to the farm in itself sometimes can be a task. The soil therefore is full of nutrients and we intend to keep it that way. We are helping mother nature transfer its bounty to the blueberry goodness we bring to you all.

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Tue, 07 Jul 2020

Don’t miss the organic goodness!

Preorders are now open! Don’t forget to order then and enjoy all the beautiful benefits that Mother Nature has to offer.

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Fresh natural Blueberries

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We get a lot of love

Our lovely friends wrote about us

Am comandat afine, am primit, am mancat; gen veni vidi vici :) Totul a mers struna, iar afinile delicioase! Sper sa puteti sa continuati pe aceeasi directie, sa nu coborati calitatea si sa colaboram si pe viitor. Sanatate si spor in toate.

Ovidiu Craciun

Cele mai delicioase afine mancate! Ne-au fost livrate in conditii excelente! Baietelul meu ar manca non-stop!

Oana Carstea

Quite the most delectable, succulent blueberries in existence!

Jasmine Solomon

Am primit asezate cu grija, una câte una, cele mai parfumate si mai gustoase afine. Niciuna stricată, niciuna necoapta. Pasiunea cu care au fost crescute s-a transmis in fiecare fruct si asta ne face să mai comandam, fara nicio emoție, an de an.C

Cristina Robea

Am facut deja cateva comenzi si vreau sa mentionez ca sunt cele mai adevarate afine si inca ceva foarte important - SUNT FOARTE PROASPETE, se simte bine aroma. Mult respect pentru oamenii astia, sper sa imi fac timp sa le fac o vizita! Foarte multumit!!!

Arcadi Titica

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  • Toderita, Fagaras

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Don’t miss the organic goodness!

Preorders are now open! Don’t forget to order then and enjoy all the beautiful benefits that Mother Nature has to offer.

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