“Dealul cu Afine SRL, the owner of the project” Establishment of blueberry plantation in ecological regime”, announces to the interested public the decision of the classification stage “continuation of the procedure regarding the issuance of development approval”, for the project “Establishment of blueberry plantation in ecological regime “, proposed to be located in Brașov County, Mândra Commune, Toderița Village, Extra-Urban Sector. The draft classification decision and the reasons that substantiate it can be consulted at the APM Brașov headquarters, 3 Politehnicii Street, on Mondays-Thursdays, between 08:00-16:30, and on Friday between 8:00-14:00, as well as at the following internet address https://www.apmbv..anpm.ro. The interested public can submit comments/observations to the draft decision within ten (10) days of publication of this notice.”

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